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A blockchain documentary was released in New York

The documentary “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain”, which lasts 84 minutes and covers a variety of topics, ranging from the history of bitcoins and ending with promising options for using a distributed chain of blocks, was released on October 26 in New York. One of the executive producers of the film was co-founder of the company Ethereum Joseph Lubin. Writer and director was Alex Winter.

Regarding the history of Bitcoin, the film describes the 2008 global financial crisis as the main reason why the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto developed an open decentralized block system for transactions.

The tape, however, shows not only the positive aspects of the industry, but also its shortcomings. The film shows that very often, especially at the beginning of its history, cryptocurrencies were used for criminal purposes. Critics rated the new picture positively. According to New York Times film critic Ben Koenigsberg, the film serves as an excellent cryptocurrency guide, especially for newcomers to the industry.

The film also touches on the moments that the blockchain can change in today’s world. This includes the fight against identity theft or the transformation and distribution of electricity. However, despite the entire revolutionary potential of technology, the film recognizes that the main motivation of the majority of people working in this industry is the desire to get rich.

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