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A surge of interest in Bitcoin

A surge of interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large

According to various news outlets, the rapid decline in the value of bitcoin (by over 70%) since its all-time high in December, when this currency was trading at $20,000, resulted in a renewed interest on the part of institutional investors in the digital currency market.

• Jeffrey Van de Leemput, an analyst at Cryptocampus, confirms the growing interest from major market players and believes that the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a powerful influx of capital right now.

To support this view, he shared insights into how he had helped Chinese investors arrange a cryptocurrency transaction worth 200,000 of bitcoins. In addition, the fact that the titans of trading (for example, George Soros) join this market is signaling that we are witnessing the early stages of the cryptocurrency bubble formation.

• Olga Feldmeier, Managing Director at Smart Valor, assumes that going beyond the $8,000 mark could trigger the beginning of a new positive trend which everyone is looking forward to.

• Experts at CME Group, one of the leading American financial market companies, suggest an over 50% increase in trading volumes of Bitcoin futures compared to December 2017, when this trading instrument has just been released into the market.

In March 2018 alone, over 2,000 futures contracts were sold out, the price of each being 5 bitcoins.

However, the lack of clear market regulations slows down the maximum market efficiency and belittles the prospects of the cryptocurrency market in the eyes of large investors causing a fair share of distrust.

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