A trip to the divided city of Kharkiv, Ukraine: Between those who challenged Putin to invade and the nostalgia of blaming “Kiev coup nationalists”

By Gabriel Lagonicro

Despite the relentless deployment, the war is still being played at the diplomatic level Russian troops near the border And daily dispatch American and British weapons Towards Kiev They do not guarantee a peaceful future. But there is more internal and peaceful war than there is inside Ukraine It struggles every day. Because it is so subtle It destroys friendships, families and disrupts social balance. It distinguishes those who see the West, Europe, individual liberty, and, above all, those who still feel part of it. Soviet (post) microbiology.

Kharkiv, The second largest city in a country twice as large as Italy, is a notable example of this. One and a half million people, including industrial, industrious, 100 thousand university students, but very dangerous Near the border. Today, more than ever, by the grace of the outside air of war, the internal conflict between those who think proudly of Ukraine and those who blink Russia.

“I do not know if Moscow will decide to attack us,” he agreed Ilfattoquotidiano.it SashaThe 60-year-old stays in Marquez every morning, with temperatures hovering below zero at the end of January. ploshchad Svoboda (piazza Libertà) To get together with other guys AIDS and drugs To be sent to the army in Kiev on the front Donbass – But if they do, here is Kharkiv The Anti-plan And counter-attack“Eight years of conflict have already erupted in the separatist-held eastern regions. 14 thousand people have been affected, But if Putin prepares for a massive invasion, the numbers will increase dramatically. “Relations with Russia will not be the same as before – the volunteer continues – if they want a total war, we will be ready to fight.” All? Not really. “50% of our fellow citizens will sacrifice themselves for our sovereignty The other half will be in favor of the enemy. It’s sad, but it’s like that. ” In short, small remnants of national unity hang from a thread.

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In the event of an expansion, Kharkiv will be the first major city to be affected. The border is 40 kilometers away Forces from the east beyond that E From the south, they can easily enter from the occupied areas Donetsk e Lugansk. But in addition to the external eye, there is only one thing to worry about Social fabric Of this metropolis. The younger and more educated will be with Kiev, The elderly, the retired and the less privileged groups line the other side. Daily fights between friends, family, and work. In Kharkiv The majority speak RussianMany families have relatives across the border who have been “invited” to move to eastern Ukraine for many years.Soviet Union, Precisely to avoid nationalist slips. The streets are covered with carpets Calls towards weapons For young people who want to enter military life. Speaking Ukrainian is now compulsory in school, on TV and in all public places, but the city is divided.

“Fear? What?”, She replies laconic OlgaCosmetologist Chumskaya, Main Shop Street. “The Russians will not occupy usAll these rhetoric was built by our pro-Western government, which is Kiev’s own Nationalist moves Spirits erupted after the 2014 coup. We have nothing to fear from the Russians. Of course, this is not easy even for Putin: in 2014 the Ukrainian military was weak, unprepared and corrupt and did not raise a finger against its annexation. Crimea. Today the situation is different. The Americans and the British are heavily arming Kiev, which now has more professional troops and military equipment to counter for a long time. But Ukraine must first win another war, which is very difficult: internal unity. If there is a civil war in the east, it will destroy the country.

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