Accused by GP of Russian conspiracies, ‘change leader in Ukraine’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – Rome, January 23 – Ukraine “needs new leaders”: Former Ukrainian MP Yvonne Murayev has accused Great Britain of being at the center of a Moscow plot to overthrow the current Kiev government. A pro-Russian executive led by Murayev.

“Ukraine needs new politicians, a policy based on the national interests of Ukraine and its people. The Ukrainian people need new leaders,” Muraev explained in a Facebook post.

“The days of pro-Western and pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine are irreversible. The defeat of politicians like Poroshenko and Medvetsuk clearly confirms this. Their actions have caused irreparable losses to the country and divided the Ukrainian people,” he said. The former deputy writes.

“The Ukrainian people – Muraev – need the rule of law, peace, fair and practical economic and social policy, as well as new political leaders. These leaders will not divide the people on the basis of language or religion. Ukraine needs unity. Unity than ever in the face of new challenges. Ignoring the fate of Ukraine.” I appeal to anyone who does not: Stop dividing us into pro-Russia and pro-Western, stop banging our heads against each other, and build peace in our own country.


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