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We are a group of enthusiasts who in one way or another were involved in some incomprehensible schemes, financial pyramids, etc., so we firmly decided to make a resource that will help many people to gain financial literacy.

Our ideology:

  • We do not write custom articles (for example, about super-advantageous offers that cannot be refused)
  • We try to give an objective assessment of a service and express our personal opinion.
  • We do not recommend the purchase or use of certain products or services. We just give our assessment.

But, nevertheless, if you are not confused by the above and your product is so good that you are ready to publish or order an article from us, then we are ready to cooperate. But, on our terms.

In order to post your article with us, you need the following:

  • The article should be in two languages, it is Russian and English.
  • The volume of the article is at least 5000 characters.
  • The article should be informative, interesting and useful to readers of the site. 100% uniqueness of the text of the article is not a guarantee of placement on the site.
  • Refer to the study – give the link. Quote opinion leader – give a link. Prepare a case – screenshots in the studio.
  • An article may contain no more than three external links.
  • Articles must not contain defamation, false or false information, as well as the names and registered trademarks of competitors in the business and their shortcomings.
  • Articles of an advertising nature are not posted.
  • On the article page, the administrator has the right to place additional links to external resources.
  • Posting an article is possible after its final approval by the editors.
  • We reserve the right not to comment on the reason for the refusal to publish an article.

Also, we ourselves can write an interesting review on a given topic, testing a product or service.


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Сall us: +38(068)3330999

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