Afghanistan recalls former President Ashraf Ghani’s escape from Kabul –

From Andrea Marinelli

In an interview with the BBC, the former president left the country on August 15 and described the moments that led to his escape: the decision to hand over the country to the Taliban.

When in the morning August 15, 2021 I woke up, President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Little did he know that it would be hers Last day in the country Driver since 2014. Only when His plane left Kabul, He explained in an interview aired on today’s radio show BBC, He really felt the exit, Left Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban: It attracted great criticism, but after 4 and a half months, he still defends.

The Taliban agreed not to enter Kabul, but two hours later it was no more, he recalled. Kani now lives in the United Arab Emirates, During an interview with General Nick Carter, former Commander-in-Chief of the British Armed Forces. Two different Taliban factions were approaching from two different directions, and there it was The enormous potential of a major conflict that has devastated a city of 5 million people, Bringing chaos among its people.

As he explains, He decided to leave some of his closest collaborators and loved ones, Including his wife – reluctantly – and his national security adviser. FruitInstead, he waited for a car to take him to the Ministry of Defense: the car never arrived, and his adviser returned with the president’s defense chief, both frightened. They all said they would be killed. He gave me two minutes to make a decision, I said I was leaving for the Coast, but he replied, the city has fallen like Jalalabad, remember Former President.

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Not sure where we are goingHe adds. It only became clear when we left Afghanistan. It happened all of a sudden. According to many observers, Ghani’s escape has already been criticized for managing the country – Exploded a complex deal involving orderly change And paved the way The recapture of the country by the Taliban: Quranic students promised to return to government, but the vacuum created by the sudden departure of the president accelerated the passage.

Today, the 72-year-old Connie admitted some mistakes, Beginning with the trust placed on the international community, but definitively states and believes that money has not been brought out of the country This is Donald Trump’s Doha agreement between the United States and the Taliban – That Predicted a gradual reduction US military in Afghanistan – lead to the fall of Kabul. Instead of a peace action, it is a withdrawal process. The contract was canceled by us: Instead of a political deal, he says, we carried out a violent conspiracy BBC Fruit. My career was ruined, my values ​​were trampled, and I was sacrificed.

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