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All electric cars in Europe will be required to make noise when driving

Starting from July 2019, the law on electric vehicles will come into force in the European Union, according to which ecological cars will have to make noise when driving slowly.

Under the terms of the law, all electric vehicles while driving at speeds below 20 km / h. should be making noises with a volume of at least 56 decibels. Such measures were taken for security purposes in order to warn pedestrians, cyclists and other road users about their oncoming.

electro car sound
electro car sound

Since electric vehicles do not have internal combustion engines, they move almost inaudibly, especially at low speeds. At high speed, sound designations for cars are not necessary, as there is noise from tires and aerodynamic noise. The parliament noted that special problems of electric vehicles create pedestrians with vision problems.

In 2018, the US government finalized similar rules for electric vehicles: they will have to make a special noise at a speed of about 30 km per hour. The law should finally come into force in 2020, writes Reuters.

Own sounds for cars already come up with in Jaguar, BMW, Nissan and AUDI.

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