“An anti-Ratzinger conspiracy but this has nothing to do with Francis” – Corriere.it

From Aldo Casulo

Former Bishop of Reggio Emilia: “Ratzinger was the first to highlight the seriousness of the abuse. Then why this stubbornness? It is wrong to use yesterday’s parameters today.”

“It’s a ploy against Ratzinger. It’s coming from within the church Monsignor Massimo Kamisaska – 75 years old, until a few days ago Bishop Reggio Emilia, author of seventy books, including History of Communion and Liberation – JudgesCharge against Pope Emeritus During his years as Archbishop of Munich, he covered cases of pedophilia.

Why are you so optimistic?

“I create a role model. All of us Italian bishops, including myself, are deeply convinced that the sexual abuse of minors, as well as the abuse of moral and power, is a very serious crime. Very serious if done by a dedicated person, a religious person, an educator.

Do not mention it.

“Sure. But in the last years of John Paul II’s Pontificate, the Church was well aware of the expansion of these crimes.


“By strengthening the legal division of the Council for the Doctrine of the Faith he presides over. After becoming pope, he did the most decisive things: the most stern letter to the Irish Church, the call for penance and change, the open solidarity with the victims. He increased the penalties and gave the faithful church new and comprehensive investigative powers. No one had ever done anything like him before.

Precisely. Why, in your opinion?

“The only reason for me is the intolerance of the liberal sections of the Church and the community”.

What are the “liberal branches of the Church”?

“Reflected on the slips of the German Episcopal Church, Benedict XVI was deeply rooted in his tradition of humility, clarity, and theology while at the same time deeply rooted in tradition. “.

It is true that these are serious allegations. Are you sure they are not supported by facts and evidence?

I do not understand why the French and German churches have chosen the path of “independent” commissions, in fact they are not independent because they are persecuted by at least some members of the anti-Catholic prejudice. Attitudes from many decades ago should not be measured with what is necessary today.When I was a child, some corporal punishment was not considered abuse and was viewed as completely normal. Fortunately, this is not the case today.

What is the role of Pope Francis in all this?

“It simply came to our notice then. Pope Francis made no conspiracy against Benedict. Francesco has a deep value and affection for his predecessor.

In your opinion, how will Ratzinger be remembered?

“Like the Father of the Church. He will be remembered as Leo the Great and Gregory the Great for his profound and simple speaking ability. Future centuries will feed on his teachings.

Do you not think that one day the clergy of the Church will recognize the right to marry?

“Celibacy has nothing to do with pedophilia. Unfortunately, many pedophiles got married. Celibacy is not the renunciation of sexual desire, but its genital exercise. The brilliance of celibacy comes to us from the gospel, from the life of Jesus. The desire is to live like him. This requires attack maturity to be checked during the seminar process. The superiors and academics of the seminaries are required to do this work. Nineteenth-century sexophobia produced immature priests, so the maturity of candidates could not be assessed.

So the marriage of priests is not over?

“The crisis we are experiencing requires rediscovery, not denial of the value of celibacy. The human heart is an abyss that can never be explored. The virginity for the kingdom, to use the language of the gospel, is strongly undermined by the lust that occupies society today, by loneliness, and by our own weakness. But the fall of some is not an objection to the truth and to celibacy not only to the Christian people, but to the light that reflects all of humanity.

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