Another accident at the Trikastin nuclear power plant in France (250 km from Turin). Officials: “No pollution outside the site”

One more tile French nuclear power plants. Accident at the plant Tricastin, Is one of the most ‘dated’ in the country, it happened in late November, but its details are coming out in recent days. Tridium, A radioactive isotopeHydrogen, Production unit in groundwater Energy Electric. Nuclear Safety Authority (Asn) Confirmed that the loss was controlled and that nothing was approved Pollution In groundwater outside the site, but the same general operator French electricity (Edf), reporting what happened, “Event Remarkable“After conducting a study, ASN confirmed:” Approximately 900 liters of sewage Tridium infiltrated the soil between 25 November and 8 December 2021. One episode, among others, occurred in four stop days Nuclear reactors Closed due to a defect found in one Pipe. For safety reasons, all plants of the same species were stopped, two a Sivax And two Choose, On the border with Belgium. The decision to drop the group into the stock market Electricity From France.

And when Paris Lost a Maintenance Electricity In one year, in the midst of an energy crisis, November was a month of doubt. First published, with the news The world, The former manager of the Trikastin plant was said to have condemned a “legal action”.Concealment policy“Accidents and deviations in the defense industry and beyond Expressions Donated to a French charity, Cryrod, By an informed person workingNuclear industry And about the accident at the nuclear power plant in June Taishan1, In China, talked about a defect Design All for that Furnaces Epr (European Pressure Water Nuclear Reactor).

Accident – Last tile, accident at Tricastin power plant Drom, 4 pressure water reactors (Pwr) with a capacity of 915 MW each are operating here. The Radioactive waste Fluids Are transferred to different tanks Storage They are filled one by one. On November 25, something went wrong. One Tanks Not enough free volume to control diverted sewage, Tracymati, Ended in a Cockpit Recovery. The sump continued to fill as operators began sending fluids to another reservoir Ability, A portion of that amount of sewage has been discharged Grande Rainwater harvesting is not designed to be watertight. On December 8, 2021, after heavy rains, sewers Empty Sends the waste back to the recovery well, but only when it is part of it Fluids Radiation Recovered, containing 900 liters Tridium They penetrate the ground and “cause abnormal radioactivity”.

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Pollution and Faults Detected – The maximum value measured on December 12 was 28,900 Bq / l (Becquerel per liter) Tritium and has been steady ever since Will decrease. To get an idea, the limit for drinking water for the World Health Organization is 10,000 Bq / l. Reporting for ASN has begun December 15. Although the groundwater outside the site was not polluted, the ASN study (carried out on December 21) revealed errors. Warning sensors High level in storage tanks. Inspectors were asked to control the amount of usable pending the restoration of septic tanks. Sensors. Because there is pollution Geotechnical fence At the site, the event was rated internationally as zero Nuclear events Ins.

செடி – They include the reactors at the Trikastin plant French It was decided to extend its operations for ten years. Green silence The former had appealed to the Ministry of Environment Sergio Costa, Officially asked Paris Said the Italian citizens General consultation This happened in France in connection with the requirements to operate 32 plants continuously for another ten years. And, of course, Costa and the then Undersecretary Roberto Morasud Sent a note to Paris Ask Italy to get involved too. Four, in particular, the Nuclear power plants Very close to the Italian border: Source, Saint Alban, Buke And Trikastin, located in other areas with moderate or moderate seismic risk. Own Tricastin (About 250 km away Torino), Active since 1974, raised important Concerns, In the event of a serious accident. This is not the case even though some NGOs are protesting Confusion And, in any case, it does not The first accident. In 2008, what was the third escape Radiation Within three weeks, a hundred or more technicians had been decontaminated Activities From Maintenance At Reactor 4, a fire broke out in Zone 1 of the plant in 2011 Disaster It was avoided because they were not in the area Ingredients Nuclear. However, in 2013, an accident similar to the one that occurred at the end of November polluted the groundwater. Tridium After leaks from furnaces 2 and 3.

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