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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak joins blockchain startup EQUI Global

Steve Wozniak, a technical innovator and entrepreneur known worldwide as a co-founder of Apple, joined EQUI Global, a venture capital fund built using blockchain technology.

In today’s publication of the company, Wozniak briefly talked about what he would do in a new company. According to him, he will monitor technology companies to find future «industry stars». He also added that he regularly receives invitations from various companies, however, this is the first time after Apple, when he agreed to join the company. Wozniak added that, in his opinion, technologies have the right to change and improve the business.

EQUI Voznyak

Wozniak also praised the co-founders of EQUI Global, Michel Monet and Douglas Barrouman for their contributions and support for blockchain technology. Last year, Monet and Barrowman announced the development of Aston Plaza for $ 325 million Aston Plaza and residences in Dubai under their private investment company Aston Ventures. In February 2018, the couple successfully sold 50 apartments to Bitcoin users.

The couple then launched ICO for EQUI Capital, but managed to raise only $ 7 million compared to the expected $ 80 million by the end of June 2018. The company then left ICO, changed its name to EQUI Global and entered into a partnership with the founder of Apple.

EQUI Open Foundation will focus on non-institutional investors and technology companies, with only 20% allocated to non-technical companies, such as real estate or investment collectibles. Investors can buy EQUITokens to join a venture capital fund. Customers will have the opportunity to sell these tokens on external exchanges to monetize their investments.

According to Steve, such companies as HIS are intended to violate the generally accepted rules of the industry and force other companies to follow a new model based on blockchain technology.

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