Austria is offering a bonus of 500 euros for those who receive the 3rd dose of the anti-govt vaccine. “Message for the unfinished”

Austria is considering giving a gift 500 Euro, In the form of shopping bonuses, for recipients Third dose of Govit vaccine. It was the proposal of the Social Democrats and the Oevp and Verdi government said it was ready to talk about it. Chancellor Carl Nehammer Talks about a “positive sign”. According to the Ministry of Health, “This is important Inform those who have not decided The vaccine protects not only them but also those close to them. “Any contribution would be useful to increase the vaccine rate,” the ministry added.

In Austria, 70.6% of the population is currently vaccinated (78% in Italy, Ed) The bonus will come into effect from February 1, when the vaccine duty comes into effect. Vienna has introduced non-vaccinated locks and other arrangements to control infections. The virus seems to have significantly reduced the rate of transmission. Meanwhile, the German government entered Italy, Canada, Malta and San Marino are on the list of high risk areas Following the Govt symptoms, it starts on Saturday Robert Koch Company. Anyone who enters Germany from a high-risk area and is not fully vaccinated (at least two doses, Ed) To do something Mandatory isolation Ten days from the fifth day he can leave with a negative test.

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