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ICE announced the creation of a global ecosystem for crypto-currencies

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) operator of the New York Stock Exchange announced the creation of a global ecosystem for crypto-currencies. The Bakkt project will provide users with the opportunity to make transactions, as well as exchange the crypto currency inside the system. This is an important step in the actualization of bitcoins and digital money in general.

Bakkt is evidence that existing institutions are increasingly using the ”joining“ approach to the digital assets market. The main reason for the launch of the project is the desire of the federal government to take control of the market and receive information on operations with the crypto currency.

The project will operate on the basis of a cloud platform from Microsoft. Also, the system plans to integrate the application of individual companies, such as BCG, Starbucks, etc., for more convenient use.

The newly created project will help solve the storage problem, which up to now has kept large institutions from investing in the class of crypto-currency assets. It is also expected that it will attract corporate issuers to accumulate capital using the Bakkt ecosystem.

ICO emphasizes that the project was developed for the safe and efficient development of the crypto currency market by supporting transaction flows. At first, with the help of the platform, users will be able to sell and exchange bitcoins the most popular and liquid crypto currency.

«Bakkt is designed to enable consumers and institutions to seamlessly buy, sell, store and spend digital assets», the message says on Twitter.

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