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In the world bitcoin-ATM number has exceeded 3000

In February 2017 it was reported that more than 1000 Bitcoin ATMs were installed worldwide. And, in a little more than one year, the total number of installed ATMs exceeded 3000, and today it is 3128.

According to CoinATMradar, 6.72 Bitcoin ATMs are installed in the world daily, and it should be noted that a slight drop in bitcoin cost in early 2018 had almost no effect on the rate of ATM installation.

The last time the slow growth of the new ATMs number was noticed in 2015, when the price of one bitcoin was about $200. It is logical to conclude that this business brings sufficient profit despite the behavior of its price, and the number of those who want to buy and sell bitcoins through ATM is constantly increasing.

Bitcoin ATM
There are 31 companies producing bitcoin ATMs in the world. These include 3 most popular, which occupied 70% of ATM market:

1. Genesis Coin – 34,37%;

2. General Bytes – 27,49%;

3. Lamassu – 11,23%.

The most popular cryptocurrency is obviously Bitcoin: 99.99% of all ATMs support them, while only half of the installed ATMs support various altcoins. Leaders among altcoins are Litecoin (47.8% ATMs support them), and Ethereum (28.1% ATMs support them).

You can also buy bitcoins through vouchers and gift cards. For those who don’t want to deal with online exchanges, but don’t have an opportunity to use ATM, it is possible to buy bitcoins in Webmoney kiosks. Also, you can buy them in 1357 Swiss Railway kiosks and through more than 5500 Flexpin cash registers in Canada.

There are tens of thousands of places where you can buy this cryptocurrency. That is why, despite the growing popularity and demand, bitcoin ATM installation does not affect this sector of the economy in general, being only its small segment.

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