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Bitcoin is back to ten

June 21 was a breakthrough day for the cryptocurrency market. After more than a year, the main cryptocurrency overcame the mark of 10 thousand dollars. Recall that the last time such a Bitcoin price was fixed in March 2018.

As usual, the entire market went after Bitcoin. Efir reached $ 307, and the third Ripple, according to the capitalization, now costs $ 0.47. The total market capitalization is $ 325 billion, of which almost 60% falls on Bitcoin.


Such events in the market immediately attracted the attention of a large number of experts and analysts who vied with each other to express their assumptions about the near future for digital currencies.

So well-known investors and analysts Tyler Winklevoss and Thomas Lee expect that bitcoin in the coming months, and perhaps even before the onset of 2020, will reach its historic high of $ 20,000.

Crypto traders Josh Rager and Peter Brandt indicated a range of $ 60,000 to $ 100,000 as potential longterm goals for the dominant cryptoactive asset, noting that a new bull market has begun for cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is committed to a goal of $ 100,000. btcusd has been experiencing its fourth parabolic phase since 2010. No other market in my 45 years of trading has become so parabolic in the log graph in this way. Bitcoin is an unparalleled market, Brandt said.

With regard to short-term forecasts, Winnie Lingham, general partner of Multicoin Capital, noted that, given the aggressive movement in the price of bitcoin, in the near future he can test the mark of 12,000 dollars. However, the expert expects the asset to remain stable for some time and consolidates at the level of $ 10,000.

This technical picture looks like this:

  • Bitcoin has practically not dropped the pace since the breakthrough of the level of 8950 9000 dollars.
  • Starting from the rebound from the level of 7550, the currency is being traded in a very narrow upward channel, with almost no corrective movements.
  • Despite the general mood of the market and the enthusiasm of investors, we agree with Mr. Lingham and expect a certain weakening of growth and consolidation a little above the level of $ 10,000.

Note that the maximum fixed price for Bitcoin in recent days was $ 11,200.

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