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Bitcoin is ready to overcome the mark of 6000 dollars

The last month was really successful for the entire cryptocurrency market after almost a year and a half, an uptrend re-formed on it. Many who back in 2018 predicted the demise of such currencies as Bitcoin and Lightcoin again began to think about investing in digital currencies. And there is every reason for this.

The general trend in the market cannot but rejoice as an indicator of investor activity, the total market capitalization appears, which has already reached $ 185 billion, and the daily trading volume as of May 4 is 58 billion.

It is important that the growth rate is universal, as at the end of 2017, and does not apply only to individual cryptocurrencies. Indeed, in this case, we can safely say that the market is really all good, and the course jumps are not short-term speculations.

курс криптовалют

The news background for digital currencies also remains mostly positive. For example, news from the UAE, which became the global center for the sale of cryptocurrency. According to research data, today the country accounts for more than a quarter of all funds raised as part of the ICO since the beginning of this year.

Note that according to a survey conducted by the consulting firm deVere Group, 68% of wealthy people have already invested in cryptocurrency, or are going to do it before the end of 2022. More than 700 deVere customers with assets worth more than £ 1 million ($ 1.3 million) participated in the survey.

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Also, most experts are inclined to positive forecasts. According to CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godboul, in the coming days, the price of the first cryptocurrency will finally be able to test an important mark of $ 6000.

However, on the way to the mark of $ 6,000, the price may encounter two serious levels of resistance $ 5,780 (lower value of June 2018) and $ 5,880 (“bottom” of last August).

курс биткоина

Proceeding from this, we assume that, having reached the target level, the price may go away to a non-lasting correction and roll back to the level of 5700, gaining strength for the new rise.

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