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The largest BTC-pools rating

Cryptocurrency mining is much more efficient if the users are grouped into pools. A mining pool is a powerful server that distributes the tasks of rendering block signatures among participants. Accordingly, to get into the pool, you need to have your own farm and a wallet for storing cryptocurrency. Remuneration for work depends on the machine power. Rules and payment modes in various pools are different.

The largest pools:

AntPool is an absolute market leader that mines around 15% of all blocks. It is controlled by the Chinese company BitMaintech.

DiscasFish/F2Pool. DiscasFish showed rapid growth over the past six months. It has undertaken 12% of block mining.

BitFury Pool has located it data centers in Georgia. This is a closed pool of private nature, and it is impossible to join it. It mines 12% of all bitcoins. Also, it produces mining equipment.

BW Pool was registered 4 years ago and it gets 8% of the total number of blocks.

BTCC Pool operates under the auspices of the Chinese Exchange of the same name. It mines about 7% of blocks.

ViaBTC is a young pool which is growing really fast. It was organized a year ago, and mines 6.5% of all bitcoins.

BTC.Top is another new participant of the bitcoin mining market. It doesn’t have a website yet. It accounts for 6% of blocks.

Slush is the oldest pool with a good reputation and indisputable authority. It mines 6% of all blocks.

Bitclub.Network. This large pool has negative feedbacks, that is why experts do not recommend cooperating with it. Mining share is 4,5% of blocks.

GBMiners. This pool most likely does not accommodate new participants. The amount of bitcoins mined is 4,5%.