Carnival of Covit, Rio de Janeiro and S பாo Paulo postponed to April 21 –

From Paulo Focchi

Local authorities are trying to save the traditional floating parade that was canceled last year

Officers of Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo They are trying to save the traditional festival which was canceled due to Govt last year. Contrary to what was announced a few weeks ago, March of floats scheduled from February 25 to March 1 will not be canceled, But it was only postponed to April 21st. In the meantime we hope that the wave of epidemics (and deaths) will slow down.

Brazil, Agi recalls, one of the countries most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic, In the last 24 hours, 166,539 new corona virus infections have been reported. Last week an average of 117,797 cases were reported per day. This is the maximum daily average of Govt infections since the onset of the infection. 38 times more than what was recorded a month ago, Before the advent of the Omigron variant on December 23 last year, Brazil had seen the lowest number of infections in 20 months.

Brazil’s two major cities, Rio de Janeiro and Sவ்o Paulo, have announced that they will postpone their planned carnival parades until February 21st. Measures to prevent the progression of Govt infection. The two cities have already announced that they will be halting this year’s so-called ‘Rua Carnival’, which will be a free parade in the presence of millions of people on the streets and animated by bands. Now they have chosen to postpone the celebrations for as long as possible with better health conditions. Now, according to a report, the municipalities of Rio and So Paulo have decided to postpone the march of samba schools due to the current situation of epidemics in Brazil and the need to protect lives. According to estimates, By 2020, at least 7 million people attended the celebrations, which also attracted European and North American tourists. Instead of running sambotromo, floats and parades last year, It was used as a vaccine center.

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