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Pope Emeritus’ response to a document accusing him of covering up 4 cases

Vatican CityJoseph Ratzinger Who blames the experts? “Mood-stimulating, campaign, And “pure speculation” against him. And experts who consider his explanations “irritating.” C.The most difficult passages are the 1,893-page independent report, Reconstruction was drafted by Westpfahl Spilker Wastl Law Firm 497 children were abused in a Munich church
From the post-war period and blamed Pope Emeritus “Misconduct” for not acting in “four cases” when he presided over the Bavarian diocese. 1977 to 1982

About seventy pages, In particular, was dedicated to the cases in which the then Archbishop competed and was defined by numbers 22, 37, 40 and 42. Ratzinger, we read, said “Every case of sexual abuse and every bad treatment is horrible and incurableExpressed his “deepest sympathy for the victims of sexual abuse.” At 94, his recollection is that when he says “is still good” and “does not remember a particular person or event,” it does not mean uncertainty, but the hope of “not meeting”. Person or unknown facts or document “.

Controversies and answers quoted from the 82-page security summary, The exchange of “doubts” and often harsh answers. As prosecutors criticized Ratzinger for learning about “Case 22”, a priest who was convicted as a child many years ago became friends with his heir as he spent “ten years” in the parish. Ratzinger also replied that he had gone there “only once, in August 1982,” and that the title “parish priest” was “routine” and did not mean that he knew or knew.

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It is at this point that the irritability of the report emerges: Responding to prosecutors, Pope Emeritus said the hypothesis was “false and defamatory” and “significantly discriminated against experts”. Those who have abandoned the role of neutrality and objectivity and fallen into the trap of subjective evaluation have disqualified themselves if not propaganda and pure speculation.

Lawyers’ comments on Ratzinger, The missing ethics and the “spirit of the times” different from the present sensibility are no longer soft: “the continued ignorance is contrary to the practice established by experts with both ancestors and heirs”.

Benedict XVI will respond again in the coming days. Addressing a full gathering of the former Holy See yesterday morning, Pope Francis said: “The Church, with God’s help, is firmly committed to delivering justice to the victims of the abuses perpetrated by its members. Appointment law with particular focus and severity ”. Meanwhile in Monaco the report will have criminal consequences: The attorney general’s office has ordered an investigation into “42 cases” of “irrelevant” research into whether priests are still alive or can be found.

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