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Clinics in Taiwan will start working on the blockchain platform

In contrast to some decline and passivity of the crypto-currency market, news about developments in the field of block-technologies continue to arrive on a regular basis. This time, they announced about their project in the Taiwan hospital, which are launching a recording platform.

According to the Taipei Times, the platform was presented as part of efforts to consolidate the policy of the hierarchical medical system of the government, the hospital of the Medical University in Taipei. The system is called «Healthchain» and it will be used to improve the services provided. Patients will have full access to personal medical records.

The project was attended by more than 100 clinics, setting itself the task of solving common problems in the field of health. This includes the exchange of data between medical institutions, the access of patients to their personal data and medical records, and the established connection between doctors.

At the press conference, the head of the hospital, Chen Ray-Jud, said that this technology will provide the opportunity to synchronize electronic medical records from various clinics and hospitals. The platform will also have a high degree of protection, all data transfers will require confirmation on the network.

It can be said that the Taiwan clinic has taken the path of other medical institutions in the world, using the technology block in the management of medical data. For example, the German Camelot Consulting Group in April this year also introduced a similar platform based on the block system designed to manage data in the field of health.

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