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Cloud mining service overview Hashing24

The speed of development of information technologies is growing every year, due to which new platforms appear on the Internet every day, thanks to which cloud mining becomes available for everyone.

Accordingly, it is difficult to find a really decent and reliable service that consistently makes payments to depositors and does not deceive the client. Unfortunately, there are quite a few such “high-income” projects that make profit for people, but one should not assume that there are no bona fide platforms among them. To understand why people trust this site, it is worth considering its merits in detail.

Hashing24 advantages and disadvantages of collaboration

Of course, investors who want to increase their capital using mining attracts the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency. In the field of cloud mining, Hashing24 deserves special attention.

The organization began its activities in the cryptocurrency market in 2012 and to this day uses high quality equipment from BitFury, a leader in the list of well-known manufacturers of such devices.

Hashing24 keeps track of all the news and innovations in order to later implement them in their data centers. Hesing24 uses the latest equipment, due to which customers get a number of specific features:

  • Real and effective mining earnings for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced miner;
  • In order to confirm the reality of mining, rewards are paid by new coins;
  • The total capacity of the equipment to which you will immediately be granted access is 200 PH/s.

The company Heshring24 is especially serious about everything that it does (as stated on the site of the service). The development and creation of project computing centers were carried out taking into account all the necessary standards. In addition, temperature in server buildings is always maintained at the same level, and modern fire extinguishing systems operating in automatic mode, guarantee elimination of possible fires in a matter of seconds.

In addition to the positive aspects of the service, you can identify and negative, but not so many:

  • It is possible to mine only Bitcoin, it will not work with another cryptocurrency
  • For maintenance, the platform daily withdraws a fee of $ 0.00033 dollars
  • If you have a desire to visit the official representative offices of the company Heshing24, which are located in Ukraine and Ireland, then first you need to make an appointment in advance
  • The “auction” service also looks dubious.

Registering at Hashing24: what you need to know?

To start to realize yourself as a miner on this service, you will need a registration, which is not difficult to perform. First, you need to go to the official website for mining cryptocurrency Before you begin, you will be asked to choose a language: there are only eight, Russian, inclusive. Next, click on the button “Registration“. To successfully complete it, fill in the following fields correctly:

  • Your primary email address;
  • Country where you live;
  • You need to come up with a strong password, the length of which must be at least 8 characters, including various characters, capital letters, numbers;
  • Accept the service rules by clicking on the cell so that a check mark appears;
  • Pass verification from Google (through its captcha).

You cannot waste time and register in another way: using Google+ or Facebook, of course, if you have accounts there.

In either case, both methods will lead to the receipt of confirmation of the specified registration data to an email address. Clicking on the link back to the service Hashing24, you need to come up with a personal pin code of 4 digits. Remember this combination or write it down, since the pin cannot be replaced or restored!

Prices and tariffs

One of the impressive advantages of the service is that it allows users to choose the terms of contracts and adjust the power on their own. The contract is concluded for 3 years, but it can also be indefinite. Many similar companies do not give the opportunity to choose the necessary volumes of power, but provide them with packages, which is not the case with Heshing24, because its customers choose the volume themselves.


Under the terms of the contract, the user pays for the power supply, maintenance, and the amount of power that he indicated at the conclusion. At the time of writing, the ability to directly purchase contracts is not possible. However, you can purchase mining contracts from customers of the service by visiting an online auction. We cannot say how reliable this is.

Payback and profitability Hashing24

Every client of the service at least once, but thought about how much profit he could get from the leased equipment, investing his “hard-earned” money into the platform, because it’s best when you know at least approximately what kind of result to expect. To obtain such information, it is enough to use a special software available on the service this is “mining calculator”. It is very easy to use: fill in the required fields and calculate the basic parameters of profitability by clicking on the appropriate button. These calculations will help you to understand whether it is worth investing or better yet to save your capital.

According to statistics, payback comes in the second year, since the average annual income reaches a value of 46%. Thanks to the investment tools (you are redirecting funds to the internal balance for the rental of new capacities), you can achieve an increase in daily profitability and accelerate the payback process.


Hashing24 is a proven, reliable and high-quality cloud mining service. Another question is that mining today is not always payable.

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