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Clubs of the English Premier League are sponsored in the bitcoins

The investment platform eToro signed sponsorship contracts with seven football clubs of the English Premier League. Now clubs like Tottenham and Leicester City will be able to make deals in the transfer market using bitcoin.

The eToro platform was founded in 2006, in Tel Aviv. Already after a short time, she won the recognition of investors, especially when she added crypto-currencies to the list of traded instruments. Now the company has set itself a goal to firmly build on the British financial services market and sponsored seven clubs of the upper English division as a marketing program.

The key aspect for us in this operation is that the company’s sponsorship funds were listed in the bitcoins, after the opening of the digital wallet by football clubs.

According to Iqbal V. Gandham, managing director of eToro UK, the use of crypto currency in the transfer market can reduce the accompanying costs of the teams. Also, signing players will be faster and more transparent than using the fiat-money.

At this time in the clubs note the potential that the crypto currency and the technology of blockade can have in the football world. Fran Jones, director of communications at Tottenham, said that the club is an adherent of technology and innovation, but to promote crypto currency in football, a great popularization among clubs is needed.

For the eToro platform itself, cooperation with the most popular football league in the world can bring huge benefits. The eToro brand will be distributed through several advertising channels, including LED billboards, player’s t-shirts, tunnel zones, tickets and so on.

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