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Coinbase will launch a service for a simplified exchange of cryptocurrency

One of the most popular US cryptographic exchanges Coinbase, launches a new and simplified service for the exchange of major coins. It will be available for European and American customers in the coming weeks.

The new update, called Coinbase Bundle, allows the customer to buy a weighted basket of the five currencies currently available for trading the platform. Having paid $ 25, the client will have access to crypto-currencies, weighted according to the market capitalization of each of the assets.

This idea is very similar to the classic investment portfolio in the stock market. This new function will give an opportunity to investors who do not have enough knowledge about the market or simply do not know in which asset to invest, invest money and work on the difference in rates. According to the developers, such a portfolio of five popular crypto assets Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin will be most in demand.

Coinbase Bundle

However, unlike operations in the stock market, each portfolio asset is stored in a separate purse on the Coinbase platform and can be sold and transferred by the client independently of other assets.

This decision from Coinbase really, to some extent, can be an excellent option for ordinary investors. For a small amount of money, the client becomes a happy owner of five known crypto currencies and can earn money on the course movement.

However, do not omit the fact that due to the youth and the market and a number of factors, prices for most coins go synchronously. And if in the case of the classic investment portfolio, the investor diversifies its risks, then the financial risk does not decrease significantly.

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