Colombia, 14-year-old environmental activist killed: He defended tribal lands

Bryner David, A 14-year-old environmental activist, was killed while defending his lands Indigenous people. Happened on Colombia, In the rural sector Cuckoo: Groups abound here Paramilitaries and drug traffickers, Competing with each other for the corridors of Way To Pacific ports. The boy, who was condemned by the tribe, was shot and killed. The murder caused a great stir and turmoil across the country. On Twitter, the President Evan Duke He spoke of death “filling us with sorrow.”

According to reconstructions, while Breener was on patrol, his team spotted some armed men. Former guerrillas later opened fire and killed an adult. Guillermo Chicame, And 14 years old. Two others, including a reserve leader, were injured in the shooting. The suspect in the teenager’s murder is an opponent of the disbanded Fork guerrilla movement. ‘The Indian’. The boy belonged to the NASA tribe and served as “Mother Earth Defender”. According to the Colombian ombudsman’s office, 145 activists will be killed in 2021, including 32 tribal groups, the largest in South America. Dangerous in the world For that Environmental activistsBy 2020, 65 out of 227 people will be affected. In addition, according to the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs and Indepass, Colombia is the country with the highest number of homicides so far: 2016 to 286.

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