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What is a crane to get cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency crane is a specialized advertising website that gives out a user small amounts of cryptocurrency. Most often this is satoshi, which is one hundred millionth bitcoin (0,00000001 BTC).

Access to this website is free and open for any user. Sometimes a simple registration is required, during which your e-mail address and cryptocurrency wallet are specified. Many portals give the first reward instantly, you just need to fill in the information fields and wait a little bit.

All cryptocurrency cranes can be divided into two large groups:

Cumulative, which continuously multiply the amount of your profit, even if your personal computer is turned off. The reward is fixed, and then transferred to the participant’s account. Then the counter is reset.

Discrete, which give out a reward at regular intervals. They differ on different portals, and can be from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

You need to perform certain actions to earn cryptocurrency with cranes such as clicking on banners, entering captcha, participating in lotteries, playing contests.

How to start earning?

To start making profits on cranes, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Register your cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Visit the crane website;
  • Make sure that the crane is working (look at the account);
  • register (if needed);
  • perform an action;
  • get a reward.

The algorithm of working with cumulative cranes is a little bit more complicated. It is allowed to withdraw your funds to the wallet here only after the accumulation of the previously agreed amount of coins took place.

What is the benefit of bitcoin cranes?

Of course, the benefit of bitcoin cranes lies in advertising. The owners of different online portals place their advertising products on the cranes. It can be banners, videos, pictures, photos. The user who wants to earn some extra money must click on them and to the advertiser’s resource. He gets satoshi for that.

Several years ago, there was no time restriction for being on the advertised website. It was important only to regularly and properly view the ads.  But today the conditions have changed. Cryptocurrency hunters have to stay on the advertiser’s portal for a certain time. If they have violated the agreement, the reward is cancelled.

What is a cryptocurrency cranes rotator?

Rotators have become widespread recently. They are the services that get several cranes in one place. They simplified the work of collecting satoshi and obviated the need to store a large number of cranes in bookmarks.

There is software that automates the digital “coin” collecting procedure. Users can configure it in such a way that they are able to get profit without taking part in the working process. But cranes and rotators administrators actively block attempts of cheating.

What can you do with satoshi?

There are only two options: transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallet and spend, or invest in mining. The second option is preferable, since it allows investing in development and accrual.

It should be noted that the usage of cranes is not an effective way of earning cryptocurrency. It is suitable only for those who only start studying the world of electronic cash and wants to understand how various systems of getting the coins work.

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