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Cryptocurrency mining at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant

Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine investigation department in the Nikolaev region discovered the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies due to the capacities of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant (NPP).

According to the decision of the central district court of Nikolaev, several officials were involved in cryptocurrency mining, including soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine who guarded the nuclear power plants.

In addition, the court ruling said that the employees placed mining equipment in the secure premises of the station. An important point was that computers were connected to the Internet during the mining process. As a result, state secret about the physical protection of nuclear power plants was disclosed.

Security officers searched the premises of the stations on July 10, as a result of which the media convector, optical fiber and part of the network cable were seized.

On this fact, the Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal proceeding. Judge Ivan Dirko decided in favor of the investigation and gave permission for the arrest of all property, which will later be considered as judicial evidence.

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