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Cryptopay service overview storage and exchange of cryptocurrency

No one would argue that there are now an infinite number of different projects related to currencies or their exchange on the cryptocurrency market. However, in this article we will talk about the service, the main purpose of which is to facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in our daily life. Cryptopay service is designed to simplify the use of digital currencies, their storage and exchange.

The platform has a wide functionality in order to operate both cryptocurrency and conventional means. This service is one of the very first cryptoservices in Europe. He appeared in 2013 and started with processing services. In general, Cryptopay collaborated with gaming services by implementing bitcoin support on their sites.

Cryptopay Services

Bitcoin wallet

Using a purse from Cryptopay, a user can easily exchange the most popular cryptocurrency for dollars, euros or British pounds. In turn, the purchase of bitcoin is possible with a bank credit or debit card. For converting money into bitcoin or vice versa, the service charges only 1% of the amount, and replenishment through banking services takes only one day.

To create a wallet, go to the service page and go through the registration process. For the full use of the wallet users are invited to go through the verification process. To do this, you need to send a photo of one of your documents, confirm your place of residence and take a selfie. After confirming the account, the client will be available to replenish the wallet in euros, dollars or British pounds. Bitcoin and litecoin accounts are available from cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency cards

On the platform, the client can choose between two types of cards: plastic and virtual.

  • Plastic card Cryptopay can be used for purchases through POS, as well as for withdrawals through ATMs. Such a card can be ordered in any of the listed fiat currencies. For the issuance of such a card you will have to pay 15 USD. Delivery in Europe takes 5 days, to other countries it may take up to 10 days. There is also the option of express delivery of the card for 3 days, but this service is paid and will cost 70 EUR.
  • The Cryptopay Virtual Card is used to make online payments, replenish a Bitcoin account, and make purchases over the Internet. Unlike a plastic card, a virtual card is created instantly. When ordering such a card, the user will pay 2,5 USD. All tariffs, prices and transaction fees can be found on the company’s website.

Cryptocurrency loans

Another service that Cryptopay provides is lending at BTC. At the core of the service is the pawnshop principle. The client leaves a certain amount of BTC as security, for which he receives fiat money for use. According to the information of the service, there is no commission for this procedure, and the course of Bitcoin is fixed at the time of its deposit as a deposit.

Cryptocurrency Transfers

The user can use the platform to make digital currency transfers. Such transactions are very fast, and the service fee is very low.

Affiliate program

Cooperation with the company opens up opportunities for users to generate additional income. To do this, you need to register on the site as a partner and receive rewards for each attracted member of the network.


The client can receive bonuses for the active popularization of the project in social networks, if the result is joining the service of new users. It does not provide for the payment of commissions or contributions. The service is ready to provide favorable conditions for cooperation, as well as considering proposals for optimizing the work of the blockchain.

The positive and negative sides of Cryptopay

When an objective analysis and evaluation of any project is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of the product. From the advantages of the service Cryptopay you need to select the convenience and ease of use. Also, which is not unimportant, users can work on the service not only with cryptocurrency, but also with fiat. This facilitates the conversion process, as well as the input and output of funds from the account.

Taking into account reviews about the service, you can find many both positive and negative comments. Most of the negative reviews are associated with high commissions when withdrawing funds in comparison with competitors. But this is a rational explanation, because initially the service was conceived as a platform for cashless payments.

The strength of the service is the speed and convenience of conducting operations with different currencies. The main difference from competitors is the absence of a fee for storing funds in the wallet and simplified deposit/withdrawal via bankcards.

Also, sometimes you can find complaints about recurring problems with transactions. However, the majority of users speak positively about the speed and quality of technical support work.

Another of the shortcomings can be mentioned about the need to pay for the issue and delivery of the card, as well as monthly payments for its service. Although, taking into account all the services provided by the company, you can easily accept this disadvantage.


Cryptopay provides users with the ability to operate their finances on the most favorable and comfortable conditions. Simple management and a full set of options make it convenient for use in real life and for working in a cryptocurrency market. On the official website of the company you can find out all relevant information, as well as track the release of related products.

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