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Deloitte began its own development of blockchain system


Deloitte, a big four company in the field of audit and consulting services, together with Attest began work on designing a blockchain-based digital identification system for government agencies. The basis of the new platform will form the existing systems from Attest Attest Wallet and Attest
Enterprise. The first system will act as a data warehouse for the secure exchange of personal data with government agencies and institutions. Attest Enterprise will provide different authentication and authorization options for government agencies.

As noted in the company’s press release, digital identification is one of the most difficult projects in terms of systems for state institutions. According to co-founder and CEO of Attest, Cab Morris:

government-provided digital identification can reduce costs and risks for businesses in all industries, as well as provide citizens with greater security, privacy and control over personal data. It is the basis for trust and legitimacy in the public sector.

Recall that since 2017, Deloitte has been actively engaged in the study of blockchain technology. For this purpose, the company created a special department, which, after conducting basic research, concluded that the introduction of blockchain could revolutionize the retail trade and consumer goods industry. In confirmation of its interest in technology, Deloitte announced a partnership with a startup Jupiter Chain in September of this year. The main purpose of the creation and development of the new blockchain system will be to simplify and speed up the exchange of data in Southeast Asia.

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