Earth photos taken by a North Korean rocket launched into space

North Korea on Sunday conducted a new test with its own intermediate-range missile (IRBM), releasing two identical photos of Earth taken from space to demonstrate a successful launch. The pictures show part of the Korean Peninsula and the mainland of China. The North Korean regime followed suit Confident The launch of the Hwasong-12 type missile is a further demonstration of the progress made in the development and management of the seventh and ballistic tests since the beginning of this year.

Earth was captured by a camera on a North Korean Hwasong-12 (KCNA) missile

The United Nations has long banned North Korea from conducting ballistic and nuclear tests, but shows that it has not complied despite years of sanctions imposed by the North Korean regime for violating sanctions.

Before the North Korean announcements, there was a new launch Confident By the governments of South Korea and Japan. The IRPM is estimated to have reached a maximum altitude of about 2 thousand kilometers and then retreated about 800 kilometers from its starting point. Parts of the missile were later completed off the coast of Japan.

Since it was a demonstrative eve, IRBM had the privilege of reaching greater heights than the wider range.

It is estimated that the missile will have a range of approximately 4,000 kilometers, following a fixed trajectory, and manages to achieve a variety of purposes, including Guam’s territory in the western Pacific Ocean. The North Korean government agency KCNA confirmed the launch and said the route was maintained “for the safety of neighboring countries.”

North Korean Hwasung-12 missile launched from above (KCNA)

According to various analysts and experts from North Korea, Sunday’s test was carried out to verify the functionality and reliability of some of the missile’s in-house systems, not for new evidence of regime progress. Confirmation of this hypothesis seems to have been given by the fact that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was not present at the time of the launch. Usually these events are considered an important opportunity for propaganda, so its absence may indicate the fact that there is no certainty about the outcome of the experiment.

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The Hwasong-12 missiles could be equipped with nuclear weapons, another technology that North Korea continues to test in defiance of the international community. The launch of this type of missile came to a halt after the announcement of a moratorium in 2018 to coincide with meetings between Kim Jong-un and then US President Donald Trump. However, due to a new rapid deterioration in relations between the two countries, the suspension of missile tests lasted less than a year.

It happened a few weeks after the new release started Winter Olympics in China, One of the most important events of 2022. In South Korea, political elections are also scheduled for next March, with strong campaigning on the question of the generally politically divided Korean Peninsula. North Korea is fully interested in showing its progress in the military to be relevant in the international arena and to resume nuclear talks.

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