Epidemic, Financial Times The “prophecy” is about to be fulfilled – Piccol notes

Now the world is on the path to coexistence with the virus. The possibility of an infinite epidemic emergency seems to have been avoided. And this is a message. There are many signs in this sense, especially abroad, but some references can also be found in our ruined country.

Financial Times Forecast

So, he wrote on November 22nd Financial Times: As usual, an escape note for the local media, which, as the world came to a standstill a year ago, is still full of routine issues that do not distinguish what is important.

The first theme is information on the progress of the epidemic, the Daily Terrorist Bulletin. Some voices calling for reconsideration are unheard of, it is now necessary to resign, it works the same way elsewhere, it will not be opened by us unless it is opened elsewhere.

The second is the regular hammer in the vaccination campaign, which varies from predicting the deaths of those who have not been vaccinated to pressing calls to welcome the booster happily.

The third Vox no-Vox controversy, the daily bulletin of unvaccinated deaths and the implicit “that’s right”, and the angry contradiction about their discredited theories, usually infer a thought about those who hesitate or refuse the vaccine. One of the most frantic of these (there are reasonable ones, there are idiots even among those who support mass vaccination – even among virologists – but it makes a difference, it doesn’t care about the descriptions).

The real questions are, first, precisely, if we had entered an epoch-making or infinite epidemic, from the perspective of certain regions endless wars would have taken place, or if the present critique could survive, would find little space. May no longer be urgent and may have a deadline.

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WHO, Bill Gates and the Deltacron Variation

The Financial Times article quoted opens up a whole new perspective, following the WHO’s official intervention and the speech of Bill Gates (Kislyne Maxwell’s trial spokesman, pedophile’s sniper, and his cousin, Geoffrey Epstein, who lent his credit to viral medicine; May have made him a little more focused on human mutations).

Both the WHO and Gates According to the City newspaper, the epidemic was announced to end in 2022 (1). A perspective will slowly detect official integrations.

Nevertheless, this was not a predictable development by any means, and as these scenarios were defined, a new and terrifying alarm was launched from Cyprus, which was associated with the appearance of a new variant called the Deltacron. From the combination of the two most widespread variants, a monster characterized by the invasiveness of the delta and the incredible epidemic of little Omigron.

Thus, the prophecy of Paul Burton, the chief medical officer of Moderna, seemed to be fulfilled, and he accurately predicted such a link in early December, raising suspicions of consensus in the scientific community (assuming that the link between the two virus types is highly unlikely), which appeared twenty days after the prophecy.

Fortunately, thanks to the emergency response, the alarm was quickly dismantled Of the WHO, Who assumed this was a trivial error “as a result of a sample contamination during sorting”. Beyond the hypotheses about its origin, the deltoid has disappeared from radar, which confirms the normal course.

Infinite vaccine?

Now the focus of the controversy is on another, and whether linking to this virus is based on the Infinite Compulsory Vaccine, in the New York Times (“Encouraging Forever?”) Is whether to take up the happy title or live. With the virus without a permanent vaccine-like cycle.

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In this situation a bitter struggle is taking place. Some experts seem to have no alternative to the permanent vaccine, and they point to the example of Israel, which is far ahead of the world, continuing with the fourth dose.

Not a prime example, because Israel manages it, while the world, a part of the world, manages the third dose.

A coherent development, therefore, tends to confront the common adversary Omigran, and it is uncertain whether Tel Aviv will continue with successive administrations (2).

The opinion of the head of the European pharmaceutical agency EMA is interesting in this regard Announced: “We can not continue boosters every 3-4 months”, it echoes Said before Andrew Pollard, chairman of the UK Vaccine and Immunization Committee. The debate, in fact war, is obvious.

Finally, there is the knot associated with similar activities in Green Pass or various Western countries, which were secretly introduced during the epidemic as a necessary measure to defeat the virus.

Whether normalization, or coexistence with the new virus, frees the world from this Orwellian slide, or whether it should be considered temporarily stable, with subsequent dystopian developments (at this point, see Eleanora Piercallini’s article. Small note)

(1) A new report from Gates yesterday. Coming soon Sputnik: Bill Gates believes “Govit-19 can be considered a seasonal flu after the Omigron variant”.

(2) Ehud Kimron, one of its most authoritative scientists, a full-time professor of medical microbiology and immunology at the Socker School of Medicine (read it) Click here) Beyond interesting and globally important content, this open letter is a sign that the debate is raging in this country as well.

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