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Ethereum cryptocurrency

Ethereum is an independent platform for the development of applications and services based on the blockchain system. Ethereum is an internal currency here. It is used as a “cryptofuel” for implementing transactions through smart contracts.

The platform was launched by the Canadian developer Vitalik Buterin in July 2015. Having created a single virtual machine, he facilitated the use of blockchain technology, and made the system more versatile and convenient.

Ethereum is of great interest both for start-ups and for solid players of the cryptocurrency market. Its capitalization exceeds 30 billion dollars. Although a significant disadvantage of this cryptocurrency is the absence of the upper emission ceiling that can lead to a rapid collapse of the exchange rate. Developers are working on this issue now.

You can purchase Ethereum on the exchanges and specialized exchange services. Microsoft, IBM and Acronis purchased ETH at different times. A distinctive feature of Ethereum is the transaction implementation under the control of computer, which excludes any possibility of fraud or error.