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Cryptocurrency exchange service review Best Change

Everyone who ever thought about buying a cryptocurrency, faced with the choice of services, where it could be done at the best possible price. And despite all this abundance of exchangers and exchanges, the choice can not be called simple.

On the Internet you can find a huge number of different services that offer the services of buying or selling electronic and digital currencies. And naturally, each exchange office sets and constantly adjusts its exchange rates. In addition, even the most popular and large exchangers may not have the amount you need. Here a crypto enthusiast has a difficult question how to find the most profitable exchange rate and reliable exchanger, in which you can safely and quickly exchange money? In order to help our readers in this matter, in this article we will consider the BestChange service.

What is BestChange?

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, and at the same time, the volume of various operations through exchange offices or exchanges, it is very convenient and profitable to have your e-wallet. But this is beneficial only if you are well versed in payment systems, monitor exchange rates quickly and timely respond to their changes. However, with such a volume of information and rapidly changing circumstances in the market, it is very difficult not to lose the situation out of control. In addition, even the most ardent crypto-enthusiasts cannot always quickly find an exchange service that would offer the most favorable rate. And since the services for currency exchange are becoming more and more and due to the growing competition, they are forced to “fight” for the client in an attempt to outperform competitors for more favorable conditions for exchange.

In order not to waste precious time on tracking the most profitable courses, you can always use the service of monitoring exchangers, which includes a regularly updated overview of about 410 verified and reliable sites.

BestChange – is a free internet service that helps you find reliable exchange points with the best rates. This service was created so that the client was always aware of all the events of the foreign exchange market could choose the exchange office with the best offer.

This service has been continuously developing since 2007 and is the leader among the monitoring of exchange offices.

The site cares about its reputation and security, so the selection of exchangers displayed on the portal is conducted very carefully and according to several basic criteria. Services with low ratings or dubious reputation are not included in the rating. All exchangers sites offered at have high business levels BL and TS.

Separately, it is worth noting that every negative user feedback on a particular exchanger is checked by the BestChange administrators.

How does the monitoring of exchange offices work?

At information on manual and automatic exchangers of electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies is collected and streamlined. The information on the website is presented in the form of graphs and tables that display information about the rates and reserves of exchange points. All information about electronic exchange points is updated continuously, usually at intervals of 5-8 seconds.

High update rate ensures the availability of the latest exchange rates, which greatly simplifies the search for a profitable and reliable exchange point.

The service interface implements three options for selecting a currency pair a tabular version, classic lists and top-20 directions.

How to use the service

The search for courses is conducted simultaneously on several hundreds of proven and reliable electronic exchangers (according to information from, 410 exchangers are monitored on the site).

When you go to the service site, on the right side of the screen you will see a table in which you can set parameters for your search. On the tab “Table” you can set the parameters for the search for the exchanger simply by clicking on the currency you need.


A similar principle and on the “List” tab, select which currency you want to give and which one to receive, and the site will immediately display a list of suitable exchangers, sorted by exchange rate and currency reserve.


Choose the exchanger you like and click on it to go to the exchange.

You can also view the most popular, at the moment, exchange operations on the Popular tab.


The main part of the service is occupied by a table with a comparison of exchange services. Here there is information about how many exchange points are included in monitoring at the moment, what is the total amount of reserves, etc.

  • Also in the table are the reviews of each service, which makes it possible to evaluate the honesty, speed and other qualities of the exchanger. Before going to the site of the exchanger we strongly recommend that you read the reviews about it.
  • You can easily choose the exchange path, quickly find out which exchange office offers the most favorable exchange rate and at the same time has a high reputation you will be told about it by the BL level figures business activity of the exchanger.
  • Not less significant indicator reserve, which the exchange office has. Thanks to him, you will not waste time if you need to exchange a large enough amount at once, or you can exchange funds in several receptions at various exchangers offering a good course.

In addition, a currency calculator and detailed statistics about rates and reserves are always available at your service.

In case the current exchange rates are not suitable for you or there are no working exchangers in the direction you are interested in, there is an “Alert” function on the site that will send you an e-mail or Telegram notification when the parameters you need appear. To do this, you only need to set the parameters you need and specify your contacts where the alerts will be sent.

Also on the service there is an opportunity to find a course for double conversion, in case the money needs to be exchanged urgently, and there are no suitable exchangers. The function “Double exchange” will select for you the optimal scheme of two exchanges through a transit currency.


In the end, it is worth noting that such a monitoring service for electronic currency exchange points will be a great helper not only for fast and profitable currency exchange, but also in conducting business, both online and offline. Using BestChange service will help you save not only time, but also money.

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