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First Blockchain Identity Laboratory Launched In Scotland

In the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, was launched the first specialized research center of blockchain in Europe, as well as the world’s first advanced identification laboratory for block-technology.

The well-known Blockpass Identity Lab, built on the campus of Merchiston at the University of Edinburgh, is part of the collaboration between Hong Kong-based Blockpass IDN and the University of Scotland. The concluded contract, for a sum of more than 600,000 pounds sterling, will become an accelerator of scientific research in the field of blockchain.

Blockpass Identity Lab

Already in the near future, the research center will begin work on exploring ways to use blockchain technology to protect personal data on the Internet.

The program of cooperation is designed for 3 years, within the framework of which will be financed support of scientific employees, 5 doctoral students and virtualized block platform. The laboratory will focus on key issues related to identity, privacy, rights and consent of network users.

This exciting work on how blockchain technology can protect personal data from online scammers and hackers is a tradition of innovation and excellence exemplified by John Napier (a Scottish mathematician named after the University of Edinburgh Napier), said Kate Forbes, Minister of Digital Economy of Scotland.

As part of the launch of the research facility, various events will be held, including a conference on advanced cryptographic and digital identification. This problem is now incredibly relevant. According to recent calculations, last year the amount of credit card fraud in Europe exceeded 1 billion pounds, which led to the cancellation of cards of more than 5 million people.

The lab is currently looking for collaboration with SMEs, universities & the public sector to address a wide variety of blockchain related use-cases, such as digital voting, food provenance, construction sector compliance & supply chain tracking as well as wallet vulnerabilities.

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