Friedrich Mers is the new chairman of the German CDU

Frederick Mers It was electric The leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), until the September 26 federal elections, was the main political force in Germany and the party of former President Angela Merkel. Mers is 66 years old and received nearly 95 percent of the vote at a party convention organized in a virtual format due to a corona virus infection. He took the place of Armin Lashett. Became chairman of the CDU a year ago: He announced his resignation after a disappointing election in which he ran for president and Merkel’s successor. In December, MERS had already garnered more votes in consultations targeting party base.

MERS was originally from northern Rhine-Westphalia and has been a member of the CDU for decades. He had a long political career as MEP and later party leader in the German parliament Bundestag. Compared to Merkel, very moderate, MERS has always supported strong policies that want to move the CDU to the right, although he has maintained many openings on issues related to the rights of gay couples, including adoption.

During the long years of Angela Merkel’s presidency, MERS has appeared several times Some impatience Towards certain policies of the party leader. In 2010, increasingly difficult relationships prompted MERS to abandon politics and work as a consultant for some large companies.

However, the shortage did not last long: MERS returned to politics five years ago, when Germany faced a crisis of immigration that recorded a worrying growth in the popularity of some racist and far-right parties. He ran for the party leadership in two congresses between 2018 and 2021, losing both events.

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After the victory of center-left candidate Olaf Scholes and Lachet’s resignation, Mers finally got the right opportunity to run for CDU chairman again.

In his post-election speech, he said he did not want to push the party to the right, as many of his critics have long argued, but wanted to take a clear and unique stand on essential issues. He said the CDU could take a long time to reveal its own head of government and for this reason the party should remain united, accusing it of not acting effectively, avoiding divisions that could benefit other parties and the Schles. Addressed issues of inflation and military threats from Russia.

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