From imprisonment for up to three years: This is what makes Djokovic dangerous in Serbia. Will Australia make a decision today?

Novak Djokovic He faces fines or even imprisonment in Serbia. In the meantime, Australia may decide to exit today. The world’s number one tennis player, he can pay a lot for the decision to break the isolation when he is positive. Govt Last month, legal evidence was cited Defender. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Pranabic called Djokovic’s code of conduct a “clear violation.” Violation of segregation rules in Serbia is an offense under Section 248 of the Penal Code, which carries a fine or up to three years in prison. Lawyers Quoted The Serbian media explained that if Djokovic, the most popular figure in the country, is proven guilty, he will face exemplary sanctions. However, it is often hypothesized that he will be able to bargain and gain trust in social services. Meanwhile, the AFP news agency writes that the Australian government may decide today on Djokovic’s ouster. The administrator is considering whether to revoke his visa a second time after the first cancellation in court

Djokovic agreed

In the early stages of the epidemic, many Serbian citizens who tested positive for Kovit were sentenced to up to three years in prison for failing to comply with the mandatory 14-day solitary confinement. However, the most recent fines are usually around 150,000 dinars (about 1,200 euros). Djokovic violated his isolation by meeting with reporters in Belgrade on December 18. Team For an interview. It is Agreed The same Serbian tennis player on Instagram said: “I did not want to disappoint the journalist, but they made sure to observe the social space and wear a mask, except when they photographed me. .

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