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Genesis Mining cloud service

Genesis Mining settled its computing capacities in Iceland. Since 2014, it attracts all interested people to the cryptocurrency mining. The profitable tariff plans are available thanks to a very convenient location.

  • First, hangars with farms are better cooled in a colder climate.
  • Secondly, in their work data centers use electricity from renewable sources.
  • Thirdly, cryptocurrency circulation is allowed in Iceland, that is why Genesis Mining exists legally here.

Conclusion of contracts with equipment suppliers allowed the company to purchase equipment at prices below the market ones. Basic service parameters:

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero mining support;
  • The largest farm to mine Ethereum;
  • No commission fees and electricity costs;
  • The maximum computing capacity lease term is 2 years;
  • The possibility of creating an individual tariff plan;
  • A mutually beneficial referral system;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Detailed statistics and full reports on the work.

Genesis Mining

3 tariff plan packages are available, and they are suitable for mining various cryptocurrency types.

“Gold” is optimal for Bitcoin mining. It costs 30 USD per month, for a capacity of 200 GH/s.

“Platinum” package costs 350 USD per 2 500 GH/s for one month of use. The

“Diamond” set costs 1 950 USD and provides the user with 15 000 GH/s.

On average, the profit is 80-150%. It may seem this is not too much. But keep in mind that Genesis Mining is a cloud mining service with good reputation and high stability indicators for payment. It is substantially more reliable than the companies, that promise you 800% for 1 year. Usually, such statements are not backed up at all.

Mining data is available online in your personal account. The payments are made instantly to the specified cryptocurrency wallet. Service support is provided perfectly and quickly.

Let us stress that Genesis Mining is an open company. There are photos from data centers in the network, and also interviews with the owners of the service.

genesis mining

The website lists the phone numbers with which you are always able to get through to the technical service.

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