Govt, infections drop after non-vaccinated locks in Germany –

Cases of epidemics in Germany have been steadily declining in recent days: but the health minister is already anticipating a new wave due to the Omicron variant

After the most severe crisis in recent weeks – intensive care in the loftwaff industry due to the high fees charged in many laundries Move the sick Request to provide availability to the least affected areas of the country, and to neighboring countries If it is necessary to transfer patients abroad – The Germany Now it seems to have returned to a less severe state Govt International Distribution.

Data from the last few days by the Robert Koch Institute show that there were 45,659 new cases on December 22 (with 510 deaths), 44,927 on December 23 (with 425 deaths), 35,431 on December 24 (with 370 deaths), and 22,214. At Christmas (with 157 deaths), there were 10,100 cases (with 88 deaths) in the 24 hours preceding today. Despite the fact that the number of infections has been underestimated this holiday season (as is the case in all countries), the data seems to be steadily declining compared to the more than 70,000 cases touched in early December. Yet health officials continue Keep the warning too high: Since data can be recovered quickly.

On the one hand, the current data Weight Consequences of actions
, Tough, German government decision in recent weeks. One who last served as President of Angela Merkel Locking of non-vaccinated persons, In fact he banged 2G rule: Non-vaccinated persons are prohibited from entering leisure centers such as shops, cultural events and cinemas, restaurants and theaters; Those who are not immunized can only go shopping or to the pharmacy. Personal contacts for non-vaccinated persons are also defined.

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Statements by the Minister of Health of the Government Led by Olaf Scholz, However, they do not believe in anything but. Carl Lauterbach tweeted that the percentage of Omigron cases would rise sharply in the next few days, and that fellow citizens should be careful during Christmas celebrations: even those who have been vaccinated should be wiped out. This time We have not yet seen the Omigron wave: But the situation will change very soon, within the first week of January.

The fear – according to experts, was firmly established by looking at data from neighboring countries from France to Italy – is that when the delta wave falls as a result of implemented measures, a new wave of Omigran will come. On Wednesday, Omigran’s cases increased by 25% over the previous 24 hours.

For this reason, German authorities – even in declining numbers – are about to introduce new restrictions: starting to close clubs and discos.

Currently, 70 percent of Germans have received at least two doses of the vaccine, and 35 percent have received the third dose.

In recent weeks, there have been protests in Germany against anti-Govt.

December 26, 2021 (Alternate December 26, 2021 | 18:45)

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