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Hackers from Ukraine hacked into a major cryptocurrency service

Electrum again suffered a serious damage as a result of a DoS attack on cryptocurrency wallet servers. This time, hackers stole $ 4.6 million from 152 thousand accounts. This incident is reported by cybersecurity experts Malwarebytes.

The specialists detected malware Trojan.BeamWinHTTP, which is involved in the distribution of the ElectrumDoSMiner botnet detected earlier.

Most of the affected wallet users live in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in Brazil and Peru. In turn, a significant part of the ElectrumDoSMiner hosting infrastructure is located in Ukraine.

Electrum hacked

Recall that the last large hacker attack on Electrum cryptocurrency wallets took place in December 2018. Then, using a phishing attack through many malicious servers, an unknown attacker stole 200 bitcoins (at that time almost $ 1 million).

Also, in early April, the Electrum system was attacked by 140,000 bots. The attackers redirected the clients of the service to compromised versions of the software, through which they instantly stole their funds.

According to experts, during the regular attacks, users of this service lost several million dollars. Electrum representatives did not officially voice the amount of damage.

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