Hanka Horka, a No Vox singer, died of a spontaneous infection after not being vaccinated. Son: “Killed by insane ideas”

He was not afraid Govt. In fact, yes Deliberate infection is caused by contact with positive family members, Once healed without being vaccinated he can return to “normal” life. But things did not go as he had hoped. Hanka Horka, Famous folk singer from the Czech Republic passed away on Sunday, January 16, at the age of 57. This is confirmed by a note posted on his band’s “Asonance” site, which reads “We do not want to believe some news, but we definitely do” next to his photo.

Just two days ago, The January 13 Singer Shared a post on Facebook In it he said that he had Govt and now overcame the disease, was glad to be able to return to the theater, Sana and social life, and invited others to do the same.

According to the story of his son John Reck, A musician and member of the band Jellen said the woman would have chosen to stay home even if her husband and son were positive. For them, the vaccine lasted three days, and for her it lasted five days. And it led to her death.

Son’s pain against Novak “You killed my mother.”

Son A long interview with the Czech newspaper iROZHLAS.cz Harshly criticized No. Wax And fake news spreaders, They were accused of attacking Hanga’s comments. “You killed my mother. You can not come to my graduation, my wedding or my son’s baptism, ”he said, explaining that he and his father had tried and failed to vaccinate Hannah. “This is a clear example of the circles around Jaroslav Duchek, Lucas Pollard and Sona Bekova,” the boy says bitterly.

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Folk star in the Czech Republic with the band Asonance

Hanka Horca has been a part of it since 1985 Band Assonance, A well-known Celtic and folk band in the Czech Republic, founded in 1975 and is still active.

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