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HashFlare cloud mining

Cloud mining is gaining momentum these days. Cryptocurrency market specialists are sure that 2018 will be marked as the year of remote digital coins production. So let us take a closer look at the most respected cloud mining service, which would be HashFlare. Its creators set a goal to make the cryptocurrency mining simple, understandable and accessible to everyone.

The website is translated into 11 languages, and it provides you with detailed information about the mining capacities, and also makes it possible to take a virtual tour around the data center.

A brief description of HashFlare:

  • net profit after 6 months of contract;
  • possibility of making a small initial investment;
  • you can replenish your account through the Bitcoin wallet, different bank cards, WebMoney service;
  • Profit can be reinvested;
  • The transfer is made instantly, the service fee is 0,0002 BTC;
  • No hidden fees, taxes or surcharges;
  • Personal account interface is as simple as possible;
  • Operation statistics, reports and a profitability calculator are available at any time.

HashFlare is a multicurrency service that mines Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Dash (DASH). You get the first payment 48 hours after the start of mining. Users can independently share capacities to various pools.

Experts assure that this is one of the most reliable services, offering a minimum lease rate. Return on investment is computed in the calculator after registration. Users can buy one of five tariffs:

SHA-256.As of January 2018 it is the most profitable plan. It costs 0.8 USD per 10 GH/s. The service charge is 0,0035$ / 10 GH/s / 24h. There is an automatic charge in BTC.

SCRYPT. Tariff cost is 1.8 USD per 1 MH/s. The contract is signed for 12 months with standard terms and conditions. The minimum hashrate is 1 MH/s. Profit is converted to BTC to the user’s account. The service fee is 0,005 $ / 1 MH/s / 24h.

ETHEREUM. Tariff cost is 1.8 USD per 100 KH/s. There is no service fee. The contract is concluded for a period of 1 year. Charges are automatic, in ETHEREUM cryptocurrency.

ZCASH. Tariff cost is 1.4 USD per 1 H/s. There is no service fee. The contract is valid for 12 months. The profit is accrued automatically, in digital ZEC currency.

DASH. Tariff cost is 3.20 USD per 1 MH/s. The contract is concluded for 1 year, with no subscription fee. The earned funds are paid automatically in DASH cryptocurrency.

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