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How a woman get rich on cryptocurrency and start her own

Over the past few years, the world has seen more than a dozen cryptomillionaires. However, you can use Bitcoins, Ethereums and other virtual money with a certain limit. There is a loss on fees with each transaction, which to an extent increases the cost of purchased goods. The purchases are strongly influenced by exchange fluctuations of coins.

Moreover there is commission to consider. As it is calculated in percentage, the purchase of expensive items of art, cars, diamonds or ingots of gold is more expensive.

Elizabeth White, the owner of The White Company, undertook to solve all the problems and help cryptomillionaires buy what they want. By selling sports cars for millionaires, Elizabeth has not only gained invaluable experience, but also finances. This allowed her to implement the business idea. Purchase via cryptocurrency gives a guarantee of complete anonymity. Elizabeth created a company which is an intermediary in the process of purchasing and selling luxury goods for Bitcoins. One of the important moments in her company is circumvention of limits in the process of purchasing and selling.

How she did it

The White Company has a website This is the place where you can buy Lamborghini or an ingot of gold for Bitcoins. So, on the site Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4 costs 34.02BTC at this moment, 244.95BCH or 432.86ETH, or an 18 carat diamond engagement ring for 44.34BTC, 319.20BCH or 564.60ETH. You can buy works of iconic artists and photographers, as well as exchange the cryptocurrency for dollars.

Lamborghini BTC

The site has a high level of anti-hacker protection and ensures customers absolute confidentiality. At the same time, carrying out its activities as an intermediary, the company pays all taxes. As everything happens anonymously, The White Company is not responsible for the final buyer.

Own White Standard crypto

Business turned out to be profitable. To increase it, Elizabeth give thought to release her own cryptocurrency, which is called White Standard.

The technical base Stellar, and, as it is known, internal payments are made in the interbank business with minimal fees with the help of Stellar. This currency will allow you to quickly convert money and transfer them from one country to another at high speed.

Unlike Bitcoin, whose rate often changes, White Standard is tied to the dollar rate that gives hope to the company′s executives that the new crypto will become the main means of payment. It is easy to calculate, which means that you can use WS for any purchases. In addition, White Standard is enlisted the support of the Rajabli hedge fund, owned by Elizabeth′s business partner.

White Standard features – one currency for a cup of coffee and a piece of art

After creating its own currency, the company showed no sign of letting up. On May 25, 2018, it was announced that White Standard was becoming a member of the Bitcoin Cash Visa program. This means that the owner of a cryptocurrency can use a debit cryptocurrency card in networks, shops, beauty salons, when buying online or paying restaurant bills.

Such cards for calculations are already used by the British giant Revolut and Wirex. Both cards allow you to pay in American and British currency, as well as in BTC and LTC. All you need to open a card is simple network logon and wallet refill.

Why Bitcoin Cash? Because for today it is the only available option of cryptoconversions that deals with the VISA network. White Company successfully joined the system and releases full- fledged debit cards, which make it easy to pay for goods.

Owners of the White Company cryptocards do not need to remember the wallet or key codes. All this is in the card, which makes the calculations simple and convenient. The founders of The White Company believe that this will give an opportunity to bring the cryptocurrency into the mass market.

Buy a cup of coffee with a bun or shave a lawn, pay at a restaurant or buy a ring of white gold with a diamond for your beloved one – everything is possible with White Standard and Bitcoin Cash Visa.

The result. The most important thing that gives the White Company cryptocard is the rapid making payments with a minimum fee for any cash transactions in the network or in the real world.

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