In India the calf is born with 3 eyes and is worshiped as Lord Shiva: those who go in procession bow down before that animal.

In Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh, a calf, considered by many to be a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, is in turmoil. The calf, born three days before Capricorn, the festival of the sun and the harvest, has three eyes and four flaps, like a god who is actually considered to be very powerful.

India, a calf born with three eyes and worshiped as Lord Shiva

Despite the efforts of a local veterinarian who struggles to explain that this is a rare genetic defect, the news has spread in the area, flooding people into the barn of the “miracle” reincarnation. The tail of those who prostrate in front of a calf already covered with coins, incense sticks, flower garlands and coconuts is an hour long. With those who firmly believe in the existence of God, a large number of visitors come daily.

Less pleased, the owner is Neeraj Chandel, who is secularly concerned about the health of the animals. “As soon as he was born, I thought he had an injury to the third eyelid on his forehead,” he explains. And he adds: “This terrible calf has an unusually long tongue and is having difficulty breastfeeding. She does not get enough milk from her mother.

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