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In Russia, the police have lost crypto-cash ATMs

Events took place last week. The police force had to withdraw 22 crypto cash machines, which were in the possession of a private company, RBC reports. ATMs were installed in nine major cities of Russia and were located in large stores or shopping centers.

ATMs belonged to the company BBFpro, whose representatives have already announced their intention to appeal the actions of the police. According to the director of BBFpro, they did not receive warnings about the withdrawal of the terminals.

bitcoin terminal BBFpro

Sarkis Darbinian, the lawyer of the injured company insists that the police actions were not legal, since crypto-cash operations in Russia are not prohibited, and BBFpro in turn complies with the procedures established by law, identifies users and pays taxes.

During the withdrawal of the terminals, the officers insisted that the decision to confiscate the ATMs was taken by the Prosecutor General’s Office on the basis of an official letter from the Bank of Russia. In turn, representatives of the Central Bank are in no hurry to officially comment on the situation.

Now the company calculates losses and is preparing to defend its own interests in court. However, the company will be able to return the devices only at the end of the proceedings, that is, not earlier than six months.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident in the country connected with the crypto currency. And while Russia will not adopt an official position in relation to digital assets, such incidents can be repeated.

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