In Switzerland, a man changes his gender to retire earlier

Are you ready to change gender to retire before one year? Someone from Switzerland did it, using the simplified administrative procedure that has been in place in the federation since January 1: of course this is only a change in the registry without the need for any medical documentation, but the change is still there. … remarkable. This opens up significant cracks in Swiss law as the new rules can be used to gain unnecessary economic benefits.

A 10 minute interview is enough

The story is about a 60-year-old man from the province of Lucerne: according to a report in the local newspaper Luzerner Zeitung a year ago she became a woman to receive her old age pension, which made the strategy implemented “inappropriate and unprofitable”. The campus is in the throes of a civil code change that came into force on January 1, which simplifies the process of maximizing gender reassignment: a 10-minute interview with public servants is sufficient to determine a citizen’s cognitive ability. The registration fee is about 72 euros. There is no medical documentation or evidence for an actual biological change of gender.

Payments range from 13,400 to 27,000 euros

Using this new rule, it would be appropriate for a 60-year-old from the province of Lucerne to use AHV pensions, i.e. insurance, the elderly and survivors, at 64 instead of 65. Basic Payment

Founded in 1925, it has a large sum (varying between, 13,480 and, 26,960). She openly admitted to relatives and friends that her motivation to become a woman only in the registry office was exclusively financially dependent. According to local newspapers, the person is already known in his area
His “provocations”, but despite the abuse being obvious, have not yet challenged management to reconsider the document.

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The protocol was discussed because it leads to abuse

The story re-opened the discussion on the definite risk of abuse by those who tell transgender people in the registry office only to reap benefits unrelated to gender: expect a pension, for example, or avoid compulsory military service. By the time the rule was adopted, by the end of 2020, those promoting rapid gender reassignment had avoided these risks, and management itself, in a brochure issued to employees, considered such misconduct “impossible.” For this reason, registration services officials were asked not to “actively abuse,” and not to ask for a medical certificate for fear of being charged with transphobia. As a result, all applications for gender reassignment in marriage will be automatically accepted in Switzerland.

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