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Investment in Bitcoin

In early April, the Bitcoin rate (BTC) showed a sufficiently strong growth from $ 4,100 to $ 5,300 per Bitcoin. And, despite a slight correction to the level of $ 5022, this is the best indicator for the currency after the unsuccessful 2018 bitcoin overcame the $5000 mark only on November 19, 2018. At the moment, the bitcoin capitalization reaches $ 92.5 billion, and the total market capitalization is $ 182,5 billion

In the history of Bitcoin, this is the second case of a sharp increase in the rate after a long stagnation.

The first was in December 2017 BTC continuously increased in price until it reached $19.5 thousand, which was its peak value. By March 17, 2018, it had fallen by more than half, to $8.15 thousand after which the decline continued.

As before, the rise of the bitcoin rate pulled along other cryptocurrencies. The top 10 cryptocurrencies, including ethereum, ripple and lightcoin, went up by tens of percent.

cryptocurrency rates
Cryptocurrency rates

The current rise of the course, according to some experts, was due to the investments of numerous investors from Asia. According to another version, a number of companies and wealthy representatives of the Russian Federation acquired 1.8 million BTC (this is about $8.6 billion). In any case, the current growth began with the fact that an unnamed buyer acquired 20 thousand BTC (by $94 million at the current rate). However, a careful study of the price chart shows that this growth is quite natural, and the market has long been ready for it.

In a few days, the total turnover of cryptobirds increased from $ 44 billion to $ 63 billion and this is about five times higher than it was at the beginning of the year. Data from large over-the-counter trading platforms also show that bears are losing strength. And the market, accordingly, is ready for explosive movement upwards.

Genesis mining
Genesis mining

At the moment, all participants are optimistic, which in itself is able to play into the hands of investors. Since the beginning of the year, the total capitalization of the digital money market has grown by 32%.

However, for further growth in value, Bitcoin needs to firmly establish itself above the $5,000 mark. At the moment, its price dropped several times to $4,950 and returned to the current $5,022. If the price of the cryptomonet goes back to the previous marks in the next few days, it means that the tug was “false.” The course will again be near the $4,000 level or drop even lower.

At the moment, we are allowing a slight pullback from the current level and attempts to further increase prices. You should consider options for buying Bitcoin with short or medium term goals. To confirm the growth and the choice of the entry point, we recommend using technical tools and not strongly disperse attention to news or forecasts.


As a result, we can state that the cryptocurrency market has already gone through the most difficult stage. Despite the opinions of skeptics, bitcoin has not depreciated, digital money again began to grow in value. In cryptocurrency begins a new period of its development.

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