January 18 news about the corona virus

“From 2pm on Tuesday 18 January, passengers without a green pass going to the peninsula are also allowed to cross. Messina Strait With boats. The arrangement will remain in place until the end of the state of emergency. ” To Prime Minister Drake on January 5th. The same faculty is recognized for those who live in the Sicilian islands. This rule was adopted to guarantee and protect regional continuity, to cross the Messina Strait, and to use and protect maritime routes of public transport. For the Sicilian Minor Islands and their connections. “

The governor’s order further states, “Users of open vessels to sea links in the Messina Strait are prohibited from abandoning the same lanes for the duration of their crossing by car or other means of transportation. .However, it is mandatory for all travelers to wear. Mask Ffp2. “It simply came to our notice then A ridiculous injustice Especially harmful to Sicilian travelers. We have already been appealing for two weeks to the discriminatory rule of the Central Government and it can be rectified. It is absurd that every non-vaccinated citizen on the peninsula moves from one region to another, while in order to travel from Sicily to Calabria one must show a green certificate. Everyone knows that I have never been generous, but even the fact that Sicily belongs to other parts of Italy here is questionable. I hope my colleague Ociudo from Calabria, who announced my initiative, wants to do the same. Rome must stop being arrogant or distracted by the rights of the Sicilians.

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