Kazakhstan, police evacuate Almaty Square | The government is calming gas prices for 6 months

“Last night, militant forces attempted to attack administrative buildings and police, local police stations and positions in Almaty,” a police spokesman said. The interim government announced the imposition of a six-month gas price limit, the increase of which provoked violent unrest.

Government controls gas prices for 6 months – In a statement, the government says it has taken “urgent” action to “stabilize the socio-economic situation” in a country where LPG is widely used as a fuel for cars.

Dozens of protesters killed – “Dozens of attackers have been exterminated and their identities are being investigated,” said Saltonat Asirbek, a former Soviet Central Asian police spokesman who described the killings as “counter-terrorism”. Twelve members of the police force have been killed and 353 wounded, according to local television station Kabar-24, citing a command by security forces in Almaty. Images circulated on local media and social networks show looted shops and some administrative buildings being attacked and set on fire.

Hundreds of civilians have been injured in the number of clashes, some worse. Other sources make it clear that the practice was criticized as shameful. In addition, police arrested at least 2,000 people in the economic capital, Almaty, alone, on charges of participating in the ongoing violent conflict in Central Asia. The Kazakh Interior Ministry quoted Russian news agencies as saying.

Meanwhile, Russia and the CSTO (the organization of the Joint Security Agreement uniting the six former Soviet Union) have also sent “peacekeeping forces” to Kazakhstan. The leader of the coalition, Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian, announced this on Facebook, explaining that “joint peacekeepers” would be sent for a period of time to stabilize and normalize the situation in the country caused by “foreign intervention”. The request for help from the Allies came from Kazakh President Qasim-Jomar Tokaye.

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Kazakhstan is facing an “armed invasion of foreign-made terrorist groups” for which it has enlisted the help of other member states of the Joint Security Agreement (CSTO) led by Russia. This was confirmed by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry in a statement issued by the Central Asian Embassy in Rome. The note underscores that these measures “arose after the protests that began in LPG prices in the western province of Mangista, in response to which the authorities reduced prices and curbed the rise in food prices. First necessities, fuel, lubricants and utilities”.

The statement added that “all those arrested in the first days of the struggle have been released.” “The government – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report – will continue to guarantee the rights and interests of all representatives of our multi-ethnic and multi-religious population, as well as the protection of foreign nationals in the country, including diplomatic missions. The affairs of journalists, foreign investment and foreign companies will be protected.

EU: “Moscow troops and allies respect sovereignty – The intervention of Russian troops and allies in Kazakhstan is to suppress the ongoing struggles in the country “to respect the sovereignty and independence of Kazakhstan”. EU spokesman for foreign and security policy has been sent to Kazakhstan after the CSTO coalition “peacekeeping force” that unites Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. “The EU condemns the violence in Almaty and mourns the loss of human lives,” the spokesman said, calling for an end to the violence and a “calm” solution to the crisis.

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