“Kovit Fields for No Vox”, Ihu and Sasoli Variation: So, today …

– Died David Sasoli, Speaker of the European Parliament. Deep respect, it should be for a person who leaves us. But I do not know him, so I leave it to others to say more. Mourning

– I return to Giuliano Ferrara’s article, according to which a Novak Djokovic He’s right because he is a Maradona style champion. It made me think. Because I remember very well the cheesy pieces of our own country commentators when LBP de Oro passed away. I remember My Rivers for La Mano de Dios. I still have in mind how man’s flaws were substantially wiped out at the altar of the “great football champion”. Drugs, Women, Hand Goals, Small Play Skills: All Forgotten. Roberto Saviano wrote, “Evil, error, and crime are only a shadow of God.” Novak, on the other hand, was practically assassinated in the absence of Vaux. They write about him: he’s strong, he’s No. 1, but he’s not “as good as Nadal and Federer”. I do not know about you, but I notice a little hypocrisy

– Another dose of hope. Silvio Curtini, Head of the Mario Negri Institute, points out that in France they have pinched a new variant (Ihu) that “further complicates the picture”. The practical risk is to find yourself with three infections (not two, as Remusi said) as Delta, Omigron, Ihu, Cat and Blackfly, and Canora fan of Malora. I repeat: there is no end to the sentence. What a pain

– In Great Britain, infections have been declining for six days, despite some restrictions being applied. Caratini has always said: “The United Kingdom is incomparable, where a federation of universities and research centers has been established since the beginning of epidemics and has lined up nearly 2 million SARS-Cowie-2 genes. Can basically be taken.It does not happen in Italy, activity Deployment is not enough“. Good. Sorry: If we’re separate in deployment, who do we blame: with the Huns or with the Ministry of Health?

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Govt, The outbreak of epidemics in Serbia. Some were vaccinated. They will criticize Djokovic

– A boy is crushed to death in the center of Milan’s East Ring Road. 3.20 pm on November 22 last. The investigator’s hypothesis is that someone “Do push-ups“In the middle of the road. Pushups in the middle of the road. Question: How can we go so far?

– No Wax leader proposes to create “Govt Field“People who are not vaccinated can catch the disease in a timely manner” and avoid getting worse. In the text it says: “Considering that the virus must be caught in a timely manner, it is clear that volunteer camps can be set up to avoid an uncontrollable severity, not torture camps, by paying 300, 400 euros for a person with symptoms, appropriate medications, proper nutrition and It can be treated with intensive care, acting not only preventative but also postoperative, avoiding “all immersion in intensive care” to prevent serious consequences. Now, I want (almost) good for everyone. I respect the hygienic choices of those who do not want to take the vaccine. No Vox Do you want to keep corona virus patients in existence like Indians? I go …

– Light Sul Super Green bass A Mass. In Rimini, the head of state asks if he needs medicine to go to God and pray. The local vicar, Don Mauricio Fabri, responded to Spades: “Going to the cinema or going to the disco is really one thing,” and the other is kneeling in front of a nobleman. Well, absolutely right, good. Because, says Don Andrea Turchini, “As a Christian community we can not place ourselves in a particular approach with respect.” But a little note: a few months ago the CEI said that opposing the green pass was “contrary to the gospel” and that the pope was forcing Vatican workers to show the super green pass. Do you see any discrepancies?

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