Kovit is required to wear a mask at school in the UK. Israel: “Fourth dose for 4 months over 60 years after the booster”. France, meeting to review essential services

The Govt has not lost its grip on Europe and the rest of the world, and several governments have begun preparing new measures. In United KingdomThe Omicron variant now dominates – Recorded in the last 24 hours 137,583 new cases SARS Cove 2 infection and 73 deaths, down from 162,572 infections and 154 deaths in the previous day, affecting a total of 13.2 million cases and nearly 149 thousand people. But in the last 24 hours, 1,915 people have been admitted to the hospital. The highest number since last February. Cases are declining in Germany. The locking of those who had not been vaccinated was decided a month ago.

In British high schools, the mandatory mask is triggered, which remains open despite the resurgence of epidemics. All schools in the UK will reopen after the Christmas holidays next week, and so far the UK is the only country where students do not need a mask. Teachers, on the other hand, can continue without using them. This rule will be in effect until at least January 26th. Meanwhile, unions have called for urgent action to curb the spread of the virus, warning that national elections are in jeopardy. The government has also announced the availability of 7,000 air purification units for schools and universities.

The government has also announced that it will expand Contingency plans in case hospitals, schools and other workplaces are affected by severe staff shortages. In fact, the public sector is preparing for the absence of between 10% and 15% of staff, while the number of sick or isolated is increasing. 50% of the British population received the third dose, while the country recorded a total of more than 149,000 deaths from the virus, the second highest in Europe after Russia.

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In Israel, officials have warned The “storm” of epidemics is hitting the country these days“We will probably double and then double,” said Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett. He was echoed by Director General of the Ministry of Health Nachman Ash, due to the wave linked to Omigron. The country herd can achieve immunity: but the “cost” will be “large-scale epidemics”. And “This is not what we want, we want it to happen as a result of so many vaccinated people.” Salman Sarka of the Government Working Group stressed: “In light of the experience of the last two years, we must be very vigilant and see those who have been infected again.” Tel Aviv has given everyone over the age of 60 the green light, as announced by Premier Naphtali Bennett during a press conference 4 months after the withdrawal of the fourth dose of the covid vaccine.

Meanwhile, on Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Costex will hold a meeting with ten ministers of his government to discuss how Omigran should work.Ensuring the continuity of essential public services“Hospitals, schools, public transport, administrations, the military, police stations and even companies in the energy sector will be vulnerable,” the source said. Blanker and worker Elizabeth Bourne will attend.Paris imposed on unvaccinated people United States 10 days self-isolation under the supervision of officers. Those leaving the United States must already provide evidence of a negative test and vaccination prior to 48 hours, but isolation, which has so far lasted seven days without supervision. New cases of Govt-19 in France have violated the quota 200 thousand for four consecutive days, Powered by Omicron, while pushing the government to pass legislation that would allow only those who have been vaccinated to enter places such as restaurants and theaters.

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German health officials have registered 12,515 new cases of the corona virus in the last 24 hours, 52.5 percent less than on Saturday, according to Robert Koch. In the last seven days, there have been 222.7 cases per lakh people. However, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach acknowledged last Wednesday that there were difficulties in assessing the status of the epidemic due to the “inaccuracy” of data related to the expansion of the Omigron variant in the country. The number of infections diagnosed has been declining in recent days.

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