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From Guido Sandeweschi

Yu, forty, a typical construction worker, garnered 60 million views and comments on Weibo in two days: people were shocked, rediscovered what everyone knew, but did not try to see

U.S.n The positive case in Beijing has opened up a vulnerability The “lower world” inhabited by migrant workers in the megalopolis. Supports, with aggression monitoring, to prevent infections “Zero tolerance” by the Chinese government in the face of Govt-19., Authorities have meticulously reconstructed the two-week-old movements of an asymptomatic victim worker. The 40-year-old, who works as a general worker at the UU construction site, carries bricks, sandbags and cement on his shoulders; It then collected bulky rubbish from the streets and apartment buildings and took it to garbage dumps. total, In the 14 days prior to the positive they counted 31 odd jobs, All heavy and low wages spread across Beijing’s five central, modern and affluent districts.

For a tool to protect the capital from the corona virus It was a dream to discover the whole chain of possible contacts of one kind of urban nomads. Shock to people who rediscovered what everyone knew and tried not to see China as the second largest economy in the world. Often there are no clean living wages and entitlements, Families stayed in cities far away from the villages where they were born. The case garnered 60 million views and comments on Weibo and Mandarin Twitter in two days. Yu said he was a former fisherman from Shandong; He went missing in 2020 in search of his son who was a cook in town. He sends his savings to his family: six. Now thousands of Beijingers promise to help find him.

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Immigrant worker Yu worked at night, Is a showcase for the party-state to build new buildings and clean up Beijing, especially now that the Olympics are taking place. He looked for offers with ads on WeChat: “They told me how many hundreds of bundles of cement had to be converted into construction or how much rubbish had to be taken away. If the pay is acceptable, I introduce myself. Getting a yuan for a 50-kg bag is acceptable to a yuan; If you have to climb stairs, one yuan more to a platform with weight on your back; At the end of the day they usually make 200-300 renminbi: 30 and 40 euros. After night shifts, Yue went to sleep in a 10 square meter room in the suburbs at dawn.

Accommodation cost: 700 RMB per month. Five hours of sleep and the job hunt resumed until noon; The night came to move from its invisible “bottom world” to the construction site or landscape. Yu’s movements were monitored by applications embedded in every Chinese mobile phone, They do not seem to be trattorias or restaurants: he ate cheap street food. Yu was about to return to Shandong for the Lunar New Year. Train on January 18th. For this he made tambourine. Authorities believe the explosion was prevented. But despite Xi Jinping’s new promises of “public prosperity”, they did not address the plight of migrant workers.

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