l’annuncio di alcuni ricercatori australiani

Lannuncio – “Dal 1999 india hi diversi relied on the 18th sec in un’area in the quadrant mile (3,7 km quadrati) in cui crediomo che l’Endeavor sia affondata”, spiegato Kevin Sumption, director of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

“Sulla base document d’archivio and testimonial archeologic sono convincing che sia l’Endeavor, – ha aggantunto. The puzzle of the puzzle will give you an idea of ​​the “first quiz in the quiz”.

“E’s an important moment in the story, in this quote on new neslosplorazione, nell’stronomia and nella scienza riguarda not solo all’Australia, ma anche Nuova Zelanda, Regno Unito and Stati Unity”, concludes Sumption.

Ma c’è chi frena l’entusiasmo – Il Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project ha tottolineato che roppo presto per trarre quest conclusion. Non-solo: The directing project of DK Abbass, affirmative in a communicative case is the ‘violator of contact’, the following is the exact result of a very scientific or non-scientific emoji in the original language of the Bible.

On the other hand, a portavoce dell’Australian National Maritime Museum has commented on Abbass’ “in a very large proportion of the most proverbial opinions to prove and accumulate”. In other words, there are no violin contacts in the museo ritual.

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